Previous Projects

During her school years Pınar had the opportunity to tour with her previous band Fourtress in the Netherlands where she gained experience on stage performance and on the art of singing a-capella (singing without instrumental accompaniment). The tour was called “Lust” and visited several theatres in the country gaining very positive reviews. This band toured also to Turkey. By giving concerts in Istanbul in March (Beyoglu Hayal Kahvesi) and in October 2009 (Istanbul Ghetto Bar) and by attending to several TV shows, the band had the opportunity to meet the Turkish audience.
Until 2010 Pınar was the singer of a string quartet called Rose Musicali. This collaboration was reflecting the richness of a passionate world music that combined the classically trained musicians and a singer who studied jazz. The repertoire of the band consisted of classical music, jazz, world music, well-known tangos with Turkish lyrics and the own songs of Pınar.
Pınar took place in a very multicultural project called “Multivibes”. All of the musicians were coming from different musical backgrounds and cultures. What united them was the universal power of music. Through out the project they gave six concerts at varying concert halls, including the royal concert hall of Amsterdam- Concert Gebouw and one of the most popular club and concert hall of Amsterdam; Paradiso.
In May 2010 she gave concerts in Istanbul with her Dutch band. Next to her concerts at the Nardis Jazz Club and Nazım Hikmet Culture Center, she attended the live TV show ‘Disko Kralı’ at Kanal D. The program called ‘Notes in my suitcase’ at the national TV channel Trt and the program called ‘Night and Day’ at Ntv broadcasted her interviews.
In October 2010 Pınar played the leading role of the children music-theatre play called Woestijnwind (The Desert Wind) produced by Jeugdtheater Sonnevanck. This way she met another branch of stage performance, which influenced her to take more often place in projects that combine music and theatre.
Beside her stage performances Pınar Dönmez works as a music teacher and a vocal coach. Between 2010- 2012 she gave vocal and stage performance lessons to children between the ages of 6 and 12. For one year she was the music teacher of a primary school in Amsterdam. She directed a children choir for a project of six months. Pınar also gave vocal lessons to adults at several music schools.
Next to her musical and stage activities, Pınar Dönmez is still continuing her teaching profession. Through her singing lessons she aims to make her students discover the instrument they have inside their body, to make them aware of the endless techniques of singing and to raise their consciousness about their body and soul.